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I have worked in the healthcare industry throughout my career in marketing and other commercial roles for 20 years. This experience spans organizational leadership, brand and digital marketing strategy, content development, product management, managed care and market access. It encompasses oral and injectable pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology, clinician, patient and employer health services, software, market access and healthcare business intelligence. 

To a large degree my professional interests mirror my family which includes nurses, doctors and other clinicians plus administrators and those working in healthcare business enterprises. It is a privilege knowing and supporting medical professionals "routinely" overcoming insurmountable odds to save lives and advance patient care by reaching ahead and creating the future of healthcare each day.

For many persons outside of the industry, healthcare is far more complex than most realize. The Healthcare Medical Pharmaceutical Directory is aligned with many of its most dynamic segments coupled with patient, clinical, payer, commercial and technical elements.  Healthcare is an industry that embraces all people which is why the stethoscope, a universally recognized instrument of patient care, is featured on each page of this website.

I am easily reached via LinkedIn, Twitter or Email ( [email protected] ). Contact me for your healthcare marketing, content development, digital marketing strategy and market access needs; feel free to request access to my portfolio. Thank you again and I look forward to sharing more insights to help you and your healthcare initiatives succeed!

John G. Baresky

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